Welcome to Alresala Language School...

Al Resala Language School is the result of our thoughtful obligation

towards the new generation to prepare for our society creative

individuals, who are independent and prepared for the challenges of

the modern world.

The school administration would like to inform you that we will start receiving applications for the kindergarten stage and students transferring from other schools starting from 01/3/2012.

School administration
•Our school has a capacity of 29 from KG to Preparatory.
•Permissible student age for primary one is 5 years and 6 Months on the 1st of October of the year of admission.
•For all classes admission is granted on the basis of an entrance test and interviewed for both parents and students
•Developing students life skills, like responsibility, communication, independence inquiring minds, problem solving and creativity.
•Provide a warm, safe secure and healthy environment.
•A balanced educational ethical curriculum based on logic and morality.
•Highly inspiring, qualified staff.

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